Songs and Music of Bedfordshire, the Industrial Revolution in Shropshire etc.


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        Who Is This Man?



        A brief history




       Music CV



  • Here is a list of my notable music milestones




        The Traditional Idiom



        Why the fascination for the tradition but the conscious decision to write new songs?




        Bedfordshire Song



        One of my songs is printed here in its entirety together with the true story behind it.

        There are also links to Life & Timesí Myspace and Virb sites where you can hear some of my songs performed by Life & Times.

        This page also contains listings of my other Bedfordshire songs and tunes and some of the places where framed copies can be seen displayed. There are also links to Time of Your Lifeís Myspace and Virb sites where you can hear some of my tunes as performed by Time of Your Life.

        There is a list of my Shropshire Industrial Revolution songs and tunes as featured on the Life & Times LP Shropshire Iron Ė Fellside FE071.

        Finally there is a list of my other songs of a more general nature.




        The Stories Behind The Songs



        Here are the stories that gave rise to the songs mentioned on this site. There are stories from Bedfordshire and also the story of Shropshireís 18th century iron industry which inspired the songs of Shropshire Iron. The Bedfordshire stories are categorised by the town, village or area to which they relate.







  • Products featuring my music and songs







        Useful links to other sites relevant to my research and the county of Bedfordshire etc.







        For the research minded, here is a list of some of the books I used to obtain historical details, legends etc. for my Bedfordshire and Shropshire songs.




       Hear Me



        Hear my music on the web at these websites:

v    Wareham Court Leet

v    Wareham Court Leet (YouTube)

v    The Bedfordshire Clanger


v    Songs of the Inland Waterways





Booking Graeme Meek



        E-mail me on or telephone me on 07724 186124. If necessary, leave a message and Iíll get back to you.




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