A List Of Some Of The Books I Have Used For Research



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   Dunstable, Its History and Surroundings




By Worthington G. Smith

Pub. Bedfordshire County Library reprint 1980

(Originally published in 1904)




   The Story of Luton




By James Dyer, Frank Stygall & John Dony

Pub. White Crescent Press 1964




   A View From The Alley




By Aubrey S Darby

Pub. Borough of Luton Museum & Art Gallery 1974




   Grain and Chaff




By W. E. Draycott MBE

Pub. W. E. Draycott 1985




   A Brief History of Flitwick




By Dudley Davis

Pub. Flitwick Town Council 1984




   Tales of Old Bedfordshire




By Adrian Gray

Pub. Countryside Books 1991




   The Coming of a Town




By R. V. Willis

Pub. R. V. Willis 1984




   Odd & Unusual Bedfordshire




By Alan Cox

Pub. Bedfordshire County Council 1982




   Brickmaking (A History and Gazetteer)




By Alan Cox

Pub. Bedfordshire County Council/Royal Commission on Historical Monuments (England) 1979




   Discovering Bedfordshires Past




By Dennis Bidwell

Pub. Countryside Books 2001




   Curiosities of Bedfordshire




By Pieter & Rita Boogaart

Pub. S. B. Publications 2000




   Around Ampthill




By Andrew Underwood

Pub. Andrew Underwood 1992




   Bedfordshire Within Living Memory




By Bedfordshire Federation of Womens Institutes

Pub. Countryside Books/BFWI 1992








By Vic Lea

(illustrations by Ray Aspden an old friend)

Pub. The Book Castle, Dunstable 1988




   Old Toddington




By Richard Hart

Pub. R. G. F. Hart 1984




   Scraunchings from Beneath the Dottle Tree




By Dick Dawson

Pub. Streets, Baldock, Herts. 2004




   Pub Walks in Bedfordshire




By James A. Lyons

Pub. Countryside Books, Newbury, Berks. 1994







   The Industrial Revolution in Shropshire




By Barrie Trinder

Pub. Phillimore & Co. 1973




   The Darbys of Coalbrookdale




By Barrie Trinder

Pub. Phillimore & Co. 1974



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