The Far Wastes of Van Diemen’s Land




The Far Wastes of

Van Diemen’s Land

Strongly                       Words & Music By Graeme Meek



Here is an example of a song written in the traditional idiom about a Bedfordshire story



1.             Oh my name’s Francis Hulatt and when I was free

                I wondered how life o’er the oceans might be,

                But now that I’m sailing far over the sea

                It doesn’t seem quite the adventure to me.




                Here’s adieu to the shores of old England.

                For Australia soon I’ll be bound

                For a lifetime of leisure

                At his majesty’s pleasure

                In the far wastes of Van Diemen’s Land.


2.             For the crime of sheep stealing, arrested was I

                And in front of the court I was sentenced to die

                But the judge, he commuted my sentence, that’s why

                I shall sail for Tasmanian shores by and by.


3.             A wife and three sons I am leaving behind.

                I hoped that together our lives were inclined

                But then guilty was I, oh the judge he did find

                And to a life of hard labour was quickly resigned.


4.             With friends at my side I shall travel the main

                To pass of the time and to ease of my pain

                And when of Tasmania’s shores we do gain

                We’ll greet of our brothers, united again.


5.             I’ll be of strong spirit, I’ll be of strong mind

                Whate’er shall arise and whate’er I shall find,

                And to all I endure I shall remain blind

                As to destiny now I am surely resigned.


6.             Come all you young fellows and listen to me,

                Beware of false comrades whoever they be,

                For you may be imprisoned for eternity

                And the only true felon allowed to go free.


Copyright © Graeme Meek 2001



The story told in this song:


Felmersham men, Francis Hulatt, George Costin & Benjamin Parsons were sent to Tasmania in August 1825 for sheep stealing in nearby Pavenham, Bedfordshire. Dickens Prigmore, turning King’s Evidence, confessed and gave the names of his accomplices in return for his freedom. James Hulatt And Robert Costin had already been sent to Tasmania for their part in the crime in April 1825. As a result it appears that five men suffered whilst the main culprit was reprieved!


This story was found in the book ‘Grain & Chaff (Threshing out the history of Felmersham, Bedfordshire)’, written & published by W.E. Draycott, 1985.


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*  Recorded on    



**  Recorded on

     Strawplait &  



***  Recorded on

     Marston Vale


  Recorded on    

    Where The  

    Working Boats



††  Recorded on    

    Sands Of Time


     (Life & Times)


X  Recorded by      


    Robson on

    Dawn Chorus

































††† Recorded on

      Keep Dancing

     (Herts EFDSS)


     A Select Few

     (Time of

            Your Life)






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You can see framed copies of my songs displayed in a number of Bedfordshire libraries, pubs and museums. Here is a list of just some of the places where songs have been displayed:












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Lime Burning






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  Recorded on    

    Where The  

    Working Boats
















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